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Reg Adams' Biography

Born in Southeast London, Reg Adams is a graduate in Chemistry & Economics from Birmingham University (in the English Midlands). He began his career at Amalgamated Metal (in the City of London) as an economic analyst and was later seconded to English China Clays, where he wrote his thesis on company growth as part of an M.B.A. course at the Bristol/Bath University School of Management. During the first half of the 1970s, Reg Adams was Editor of the journal "Sulphur", covering all aspects of the sulphur industry, including sulphuric acid end-use sectors, such as fertilisers and TiO2. One of his earliest articles, entitled "Dilemmas Facing the Titanium Dioxide Industry" (January 1972), was subsequently translated into a number of different languages (including Czech and Japanese) for publication in various international chemical journals.

He gained further international recognition with his book "Titanium & Titanium Dioxide" commissioned by Financial Times Business Information in 1984, which was followed up by the "World TiO2 Industry Review", published by Chemical Matters and Fertecon in 1990. One of the chapters of this book provided the basis for a seminal discussion of the industry's problems and possible solutions in the authoritative "Environmental Matters" (February 1990). In collaboration with TZMI staff based in Australia, he compiled two multi-client studies, respectively published in October 1997 and May 2001. They are widely referred to within the industry as "The Green Books, Mach-1 and Mach-2". Subsequently, Reg Adams has participated in the preparation of several more books and multi-client studies on TiO2, marketed by various publishing houses and consultancy groups.

On a monthly basis, Reg Adams compiles "Focus on Pigments" and formerly edited "Focus on Paper Chemicals", two bulletins of embellished abstracts launched by the Royal Society of Chemistry (of Cambridge) during the 1990s and published by Elsevier (of Amsterdam) since August 2001. He also writes and edits the entire content of the widely acclaimed "TiO2 Worldwide Update", which is published by Artikol. This independent quarterly publication typically runs to 50-80 pages and provides comprehensive coverage of all the industry's news and developments, backed by detailed analysis and penetrating insight. Reg Adams also formerly served on the management board of EMIC, the UK Government's International Statistics Library. He is often engaged for phone consultancy briefings of financial analysts and for expert witness services in matters of commercial litigation.

Reg Adams in Czech Rep, 2006 Reg Adams in Montreal, Oct 2014 Reg Adams in Berlin, Oct 2019 Reg Adams, by OL (Berlin), Oct 2019 Reg Adams as Deputy Mayor, 2012 Reg Adams in Perth, Mar 2019

Over the years, Reg Adams has written a number of articles for the trade press and has spoken at various conferences around the world. The majority of these articles and conference presentations are on the subject of TiO2, but Reg Adams has also presented comprehensive and thought-provoking reviews on other inorganic and organic pigments, on carbon black and on papermaking chemicals.

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