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Wherever you are in the world, if you make pigments, distribute pigments, use pigments, trade in pigments, finance pigment ventures or have any other kind of interest in the pigments business, then you should be seeing Focus on Pigments on a regular basis.

Instead of wading through countless irrelevant pages in a myriad of publications, zoom in rightaway on material that really interests you - dedicated to the pigments business.

Focus on Pigments is edited by Reg Adams and is published monthly by Elsevier (of Oxford and Amsterdam). The series dates back to the July 1993 issue. Use the links below to find out more about Focus on Pigments.

Each issue runs to eight pages and contains a comprehensive set of recent news-items, relating to issues and developments that are of commercial significance in the field of pigments. These are grouped in a logical sequence under section headings - Markets, Plants, Companies, Environment, Technology, etc. - and they include coverage of:

  • Market trend analyses
  • Data & Forecasts on production, consumption & prices
  • Projects for installing new capacity and plant closures
  • Mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and financial results
  • Technical innovations and new products
  • Environmental investment and legislation
  • Reviews of books, studies and conferences

Many of the news-items presented in Focus on Pigments as embellished abstracts are based on material from Elsevier's Chemical Business NewsBase (CBNB), which in turn draws on some 300 newspapers, trade and financial journals plus an unrivalled assemblage of "grey literature" (company press-releases, financial reports, house-journals, brochures and patent documentation) from all over the world.

Each item that appears in Focus on Pigments is footnoted with references to original sources to facilitate searches for further background information.

The Editorial at the front of each issue runs to 750-1000 words and normally discusses trends in a particular geographical area, the market for particular types of pigment or end-use sectors (paint, ink, plastics, paper, cosmetics, food, etc.), environmental developments, conference proceedings or issues of general topical interest.

In addition, the Events section at the back of each issue provides a regularly updated calendar of forthcoming events (conferences, seminars) of interest to participants in the pigment industry and related sectors.

The subscription rate for January-December 2023 is:
EUR 1722, USD 1943 or YEN 229700 per year (12 issues).

Concessionary rates apply in respect of additional copies mailed to the same address.

Enquiries to: CBNB, E-mail: cbnb@elsevier.com

Electronic access to selected items (Pay-per-View) via Science Direct. Website: http://www.sciencedirect.com

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Focus on Pigments is one of a family of four newsletters published by Elsevier.
Other newsletters in this family focus on: catalysts, powder coatings and surfactants.

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