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Launched 1993 - Now in its thirtieth year of publication

TiO2 Worldwide Update - the independent newsletter for the industry, the first and the best - was launched at the beginning of 1993 as the product of a "hands across the ocean" alliance between Artikol (of Beckenham, England) and International Business Management Associates (IBMA, of Hilton Head Island, USA). With effect from 1 January 2014, Artikol has 100% responsibility for the publication of and copyright in TiO2 Worldwide Update.

Reg Adams (of Artikol) is the editor of TiO2 Worldwide Update, bringing to this role the benefit of more than 40 years' experience of analysing and writing about TiO2 and related topics. The newsletter does much more than simply collate the news, it also provides strategic comments on and penetrating insights into the key issues facing the industry and individual industry participants.

TiO2 Worldwide Update carries no advertising and typically runs to 50-80 pages per issue (A4/B4-size pages). We aim to provide detailed and comprehensive coverage of all news and developments affecting national and international TiO2 pigment, raw material and end-user industries (including paints, plastics, paper, printing inks, rubber, textiles, cosmetics, et al.). Regular sections appearing in issues of TiO2 Worldwide Update include:

  • Mines, Plants & Projects
    Details of all relevant new plans for adding or reducing capacity in TiO2 pigments, feedstocks (mineral sands, synrutile, slag, sulfuric acid, chlorine, etc.) and related products. Details of investment in environmental control facilities, packaging, finishing or logistical improvements, etc.
  • Markets & Trade
    Analysis of trends in production, consumption, imports, exports and prices, supported by statistical tables, etc.
  • Corporate & Financial
    Observations on the financial results of relevant companies in the industry, senior executive appointments, corporate restructuring moves, etc.
  • Acquisitions & Disposals
    News of recent or impending mergers, joint ventures, alliances, etc. between companies, with informed comment on strategic implications.
  • Innovations & Technology
    Synopses of major innovations in process technology, patent litigation, new products, etc.
  • Litigation
    Synopses of lawsuits involving companies in the TiO2 value-chain.
  • Legislation
    News of proposed or recently implemented laws, regulations and directives, usually relating to worker or consumer health & safety and/or the environment, which will affect the industry.

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As an accredited 'journal of record', with an excellent reputation for accurate and comprehensive coverage, TiO2 Worldwide Update is often cited as a reference source in academic literature, legal casenotes and training manuals. To assist librarians, archivists and others, specific articles and entire back-issue volumes of TiO2 Worldwide Update can be purchased from Artikol.

Year 2021 = Volume 29: 156 pages
Year 2020 = Volume 28: 162 pages
Year 2019 = Volume 27: 188 pages
Year 2018 = Volume 26: 162 pages
Year 2017 = Volume 25: 188 pages
Year 2016 = Volume 24: 138 pages
Year 2015 = Volume 23: 144 pages
Year 2014 = Volume 22: 206 pages
Year 2013 = Volume 21: 084 pages
Year 2012 = Volume 20: 166 pages
Year 2011 = Volume 19: 228 pages
Year 2010 = Volume 18: 072 pages
Year 2009 = Volume 17: 180 pages
Year 2008 = Volume 16: 228 pages
Year 2007 = Volume 15: 272 pages
Year 2006 = Volume 14: 182 pages
Year 2005 = Volume 13: 256 pages
Year 2004 = Volume 12: 110 pages
Year 2003 = Volume 11: 126 pages
Year 2002 = Volume 10: 128 pages
Year 2001 = Volume 09: 188 pages
Year 2000 = Volume 08: 252 pages
Year 1999 = Volume 07: 170 pages
Year 1998 = Volume 06: 242 pages
Year 1997 = Volume 05: 160 pages
Year 1996 = Volume 04: 166 pages
Year 1995 = Volume 03: 178 pages
Year 1994 = Volume 02: 148 pages
Year 1993 = Volume 01: 124 pages

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