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In this index, each entry is referenced by a six-digit number, relating to the issue cover-date. Thus, for example:

200502 corresponds to the February 2005 issue.

201512Smithers Rapra's Prague conference: Views from both ends of the pigments value-chain
201511IMF revises world economic growth estimate down to 3.1% for 2015, but expects bounce-back in 2016-2020
201510New products from BASF, Chromaflo, Imerys, Impact, Kronos, Merck & Sun
201509 BASF will create a new legal entity for its billion-euro pigments next year - and then....?
201508 Galaxy of papers on pigments extended at Nuremberg Congress
201507 A dozen dazzling pigment papers from Vincentz's Nuremberg Congress
201506 Watching the ever-changing patterns in TiO2 & mineral sands at Informa's Melbourne conference
201505 Ferro buys Nubiola for Euros 146 million on a price/earnings multiple of 7 times
201504 'Any Questions?'panel discusses issues facing the TiO2 pigment & mineral sands industries at Informa's Melbourne conference
201503 Roskill's two reports devote in-depth coverage to zircon, zirconia & ZOC, forecasting healthy demand growth
201502 ICIS conference in Amsterdam discusses chemicals in coatings
201501 Final session of Montreal conference reviews pigment innovations & regulatory restrictions
201412 DuPont & BASF open the batting in parallel sessions at the Smithers Rapra forum in Montreal
201411 SmithersRapra's Montreal forum covers a wide spectrum of activity across various applications, regions & pigment types
201410 Europe's REACH extends further still & the Community Rolling Action Plan rolls towards risk evaluations for Ag, AlCl3, SiO2, TiO2 & 200 other chemicals
201409 Huntsman & Rockwood await the mid-September verdict
201408 Conference on Hainan Island examines China's annual need for more than six million tonnes of TiO2 feedstock
201407 US prices for most pigments have fallen since end-2012 but CPI inflation is gathering pace
201406 EU legislators extend their REACH, but may pull back to allow certain uses of chrome & cadmium pigments
201405 AJM's Melbourne conference monitors the winds of change blowing across theTiO2 & zircon industries
201404 Reasonably optimistic outlook for global pigment demand in the light of IMF's latest GDP growth forecasts
201403 Sombre Autumnal realism pervades Ruidow's TiO2 conference in the City of Eternal Spring
201402 Californian Court orders three former lead paint makers to pay $1.1 billion for causing a public nuisance
201401 Espionage, biomimetics, dispersion & new chromophores highlighted at the Rome Pigments Forum
201312 Measured perceptions of colour & overviews on pigment markets featured in the forum in Rome
201311 Conference delegates discuss long-term consequences of the TiO2 price spike
201310 Huntsman buys Rockwood pigment assets in a sequel to the Barcelona conference
201309 Homage to Catalonia & to the 13th Biennial TiO2 Conference, hosted by Smithers Rapra
201308 Sustainability theme permeates European Coatings Congress
201307 AJM/Informa mineral sands conference: Melbourne in the Fall
201306 Iron pigment majors tighten their grip on the industry with capacity expansions
201305 Miami's Autumn collection of papers on colour cosmetics
201304 Uncertainty over debt & austerity blights confidence & darkens the outlook for pigment demand: Is this going to change?
201303 SmithersRapra hosts third set of twin conferences on the future of pigments & colour cosmetics in Miami
201302 Carbon black world comes to California
201301 TiO2 pigment prices peaked in May & are now heading down towards $4000 per tonne
201212 SmithersRapra shines a light-intensive torch on high-performance pigments with its latest market report
201211 Pigment suppliers learn how to beat CPI inflation with their price rises and TiO2 is top of the class
201210 DuPont quits the paint industry & takes a last look at car colours
201209 PPCJ's league table of the top 25 paint suppliers to Europe, Middle East & Africa
201208 Market & technical trends in pigments for printing inks
201207 Crowds race to Indianapolis for the Coatings Show & Congress
201206 Top 10 players make 63% of Europe's plastics masterbatch, according to AMI's new league table
201205 IM-21 in Budapest: Congress celebrates coming-of-age
201204 A brief review of new pigment products
201203 The world's paintmakers will need an extra 2.5 million tonnes/year of pigments by 2014
201202 Informa conference in Adelaide sees mineral sands outlook going from bleak to bright
201201 Pigments & dyes for cosmetics featured at IntertechPira's Berlin conference
201112 Autumn colours in Berlin
201111 Roskill's in-depth study on zircon: Prices will go on increasing until new projects make an impact
201110 Clariant aims to satisfy more of world's plastics masterbatch demand, while AMI clarifies structure of the various regional markets
201109 Black, white, silver & grey are still the most popular colours for new cars
201108 Seven papers on pigments from the European Coatings Congress
201107 SRI becomes part of the IHS empire & steps up the momentum for publishing Chemicals Economics Handbooks
201106 Sources of TiO2 feedstocks & the need for TiO2 in paint & decor paper examined at IntertechPira's Arizona conference
201105 Opening session at IntertechPira's TiO2 conference in Arizona
201104 Premier white mineral pigment supplier will add talc to its portfolio: Imerys to buy Rio Tinto's Luzenac
201103 Melbourne Mineral Sands Congress envisages an outstanding innings for global zircon prices
201102 Eternal truths about carbon black highlighted in the Eternal City
201101 IntertechPira blends two conferences on colours in New Jersey
201012 HongKong TiO2 forum displays renewed optimism & improved outlook for higher prices all round
201011 Threat of overcapacity in China's carbon black industry despite rapid consumption growth
201010 Asia/Pacific paint consumption will exceed 20 million tonnes in 2014
201009 Last year was the worst year for the US paint industry since 1991
201008 SSCT study compares performance & price for organic pigments in paints
201007 IRL reveals just over a million tonnes of pigments consumed by European paintmakers; add 60% for extenders volume
201006 Vincentz hosts Charlotte conference in association wth the new American Coatings Association
201005 Adventures in Aventura, exploring the future for pigment minerals
201004 USGS data on world mineral pigments shows output falling everywhere
201003 More from Mildura: How the supercycle sped past the TiO2 industry, but zircon suppliers may yet climb on
201002 Jim Fisher's detailed global overview of TiO2 from the middle of the Murray Basin
201001 Nanomaterials to be scrutinised for public health & environmental risks
200912 Over the rainbow in Hamburg - Part Two
200911 Looking beyond the stormclouds & over the rainbow at IntertechPira's Hamburg pigments conference
200910 Call for specific regulations on the removal & disposal of chromate paints
200909 Global economic recession brings savage cuts in revenues & profits
200908 Whiter than white - with optical brighteners & without UV-quenchers
200907 White displaces silver as the most popular car colour in Japan & North America, while the Europeans prefer black
200906 Nuremberg Coatings Congress speakers highlight innovations to meet current & future challenges
200905 Stoicism in the face of economic crisis displayed at IntertechPira's TiO2 forum
200904 Intertech's Vancouver event reveals an uncertain carbon black future, but certainly not one that is going down in flames
200903 Roskill foresees world demand for precipitated calcium carbonate reaching 16 million tonnes by 2012
200902 Five rounds of TiO2 price hikes, about 30% cumulative, then three months of silence
200901 World ground calcium carbonate demand has been rising at nearly 9% per annum, according to Roskill's latest study
200812 Suppliers of pigments & fillers will suffer collateral damage in the worldwide war on plastic carrier-bags
200811 BASF's EUR 4 billion acquisition of Ciba will consolidate its position as the world's largest chemical company
200810 The TiO2 conference circuit - Perth, Moscow, Singapore, Athens & back to Perth again
200809 Papers on pigments from Charlotte
200808 Highlights from IntertechPira's colour cosmetics conference
200807 Effect pigments fully explained
200806 Crushed marble & other white pigments under scrutiny at the Athens Congress
200805 Intertech's iron oxide pigments forum in New Orleans hits the highspots
200804 Seoul forum for presenting Asia/Pacific (APIC) paint data marred by absenteeism
200803 Toxic heavy metals turning up in household waste traced to imported packaging & inks
200802 World's top paintmakers take a bigger slice of a market that is even bigger than they realise
200801 Cristal growth precipitated by absorption of Millennium
200712 High-performance pigment competitors in the line-up at Louisville, Kentucky
200711 China supplies more and more of the world's inorganic pigment needs
200710 Roskill studies zircon, wollastonite, kaolin & other ceramic minerals
200709 China - workshop of the world - vows to improve product safety & environmental protection standards
200708 Supermarkets pledge to eliminate E-numbered food colorants from their own-label products
200707 An epidemic of takeovers in the pigments industry
200706 Pigment papers from the Nuremberg Paint Congress
200705 Science imitates Nature - Lotus leaves & butterfly wings & bright white beetle scales
200704 TiO2 industry heroes & consultants at Intertech's Fort Lauderdale Conference
200703 Booming world carbon black demand, but price rises fail to keep pace with rising gas & feedstock costs
200702 A million tonnes in the global palette of coloured mineral pigments
200701 Millennium forecasts another 2.8% rise in global TiO2 demand in 2007
200612 World papermakers' league - The giants are all getting bigger
200611 Creon's first TiO2 conference sheds light on the Russian market
200610 Roskill digs out the details on China's talc, kaolin, GCC & PCC, the white mineral pigments
200609 Brighter tone in the national economy fails to lift the clouds over Japan's colorants industry
200608 Rosy outlook for chemicals output despite ongoing high energy costs
200607 Akzo Nobel survey forecasts world paint demand growth at 5.5% per annum
200606 World carbon black demand forecast to go on notching up 4% annual growth
200605 Pigment blues for makers of Smarties & printing inks
200604 China's output of pigments, carbon black, paint & masterbatch still growing at double-digit percentage rates
200603 Lead paint & pigment makers deemed guilty of public nuisance
200602 Hostile bid worth $5 billion - BASF to take over Engelhard?
200601 Legislation that will Reach out across & beyond the EU by 2007
200512 Millennium says global TiO2 demand fell by 5% in 2005
200511 Scope for more consolidation within the world paper industry
200510 Heubach keeps adding to its family of organic & inorganic pigments
200509 Pigments in the battle against forgery
200508 IRL's portfolio of paint studies gives excellent coverage right across the globe
200507 The colourful history of the US colorants industry
200506 Speakers at Intertech Cannes discuss China, India, calcined kaolin, calcium, filters & a new milled synrutile pigment
200505 Speakers at Intertech Cannes call for higher profits as TiO2 supply/demand balance tightens
200504 Intertech TiO2 Conference in Cannes - Overtures before the main opera from Artikol & TZMI
200503 Silver is the most popular colour with car-buyers around the world for the fifth year running
200502 A sanguine outlook from Drollas, but the world must learn to live with oil priced at more than $40 per barrel
200501 Millennium sees healthy TiO2 demand growth ultimately leading to healthier profitability
200412 Brainstorming on carbon black - Houston, do we have a problem?
200411 High spending on organic pigments, both classic & high-performance
200410 Investment in carbon black capacity shifts towards Asia, Middle East, Eastern Europe & Brazil
200409 Innovations from Akzo Nobel, Oxonica & Dow Corning
200408 Western Europe's consumption of GCC passes the 20 million tonnes mark
200407 Enlargement of the European Union brings opportunities for raising pigment sales & investment
200406 Industrial minerals in Barcelona - Conference highlights, part two
200405 Industrial minerals in Barcelona - Conference highlights, part one
200404 New pigments customiser concept to help DuPont's TiO2 Business achieve corporate growth targets
200403 United Kingdom was top of the league for chemicals output growth in 2003 & will be top again this year
200402 Johnson Matthey develops new chromophore pigment yellow 216 to plug the gap in yellow-orange colour space
200401 Roskill sees barytes pigments/fillers demand growing at 2.5% per annum
200312 Pigment prices still falling in real terms with the exception of carbon black
200311 TiO2 demand in a year of two halves but great expectations for 2004, according to Millennium
200310 EU debate on guaranteeing safety of chemicals reaches far and wide
200309 11.5 million tonnes of pigments & fillers for European papermakers
200308 World talc output still falling but Rio Tinto/Luzenac strengthens its position in the industry
200307 Mastering the challenges of colouring plastics
200306 Carbon black clouds
200305 Plenty of TiO2 feedstock to talk about at Miami & Melbourne
200304 Useful insights from competitors & consumers at the Miami TiO2 conference
200303 Intertech Miami conference - Varying outlooks & messages for the TiO2 pigment industry
200302 Groundbreaking report on ground calcium carbonate sees demand decelerating but still growing faster than GDP
200301 War in Iraq could knock 1.5% off global chemical output growth
200212 DuPont's message at the end of its second century - TiO2 is more affordable than ever
200211 Millennium foresees further slowdown in TiO2 growth but this year & next year still look better than last year
200210 European papermakers saw a 5% dip in their pigment consumption last year
200209 Japanese paint production heading for another fall
200208 Strong increases in sales volumes but it is still a struggle to raise prices & profit margins
200207 TiO2 in Paris in 2002 & Chicago 1992 revisited
200206 Papers on pigments for paper from Paris
200205 Mining is vital for everyday life, but does the general public know? Paris Congress thinks not
200204 Enlightenment on China's iron oxides industry
200203 Most pigment prices fail to keep pace with inflation while carbon black prices rise twice as fast
200202 TiO2 suppliers try to initiate a change in market sentiment after a year of sharply lower profits & prices
200201 Global chemical industry outlook - From the bad & ugly to the good times
200112 Russia in a rush to re-colour in the post-red era
200111 Sweden's spending on imported pigments starts to subside
200110 Litigation on white pigment - will it lead to blackmail?
200109 They use an awesome lot of pigments in Brazil
200108 Japanese ink & organic pigments output hit new peaks
200107 Intertech Montreal - No shortage of TiO2 feedstocks?
200106 Intertech Montreal - What consumers want from TiO2 plus where small suppliers may succeed
200105 Opening papers at Intertech's TiO2 conference in Montreal
200104 Elemica created as the neutral hub of world chemical industry's E-commerce
200103 Boom resumes in South Korea
200102 OECD's highest economics growth for more than a decade
200101 Suppliers lament low prices during TiO2 pigment demand boom
200012 Examining alternatives in Florida
200011 Examining alternatives in Florida
200010 High-performance organic pigments are still rather special
200009 Japanese organic pigment output growth ebbing away?
200008 Turkey - Opportunities at the crossroads of the world
200007 Six million tonnes of paint sold in Western Europe
200006 Five billion litres of paint made in the USA
200005 War of the titans in Denver
200004 Iron in Berlin
200003 Roskill forecasts 2% per annum growth in world kaolin consumption
200002 High-octane performance expected from Western Europe
200001 High performance at Intertech's Miami conference
199912 Millennium meets the media
199911 The new premier league table of world paintmakers
199910 Kemira gives the TiO2 kaleidoscope another shake
199909 Participating & communicating at Eurocoat in Lyons
199908 Ground & precipitated calcium carbonates usurp kaolin's dominance in papermaking
199907 Australia's Murray Basin to help plug gap in TiO2 feedstock supplies?
199906 France: Pigments trade prospers in a healthy economy
199905 Not such a black outlook from Padua
199904 Intertech TiO2 Conference in Padua - Can suppliers and customers see eye-to-eye?
199903 London Forum discusses future for white minerals in paper & plastic
199902 Western Europe should weather the storm, according to CIA/Cefic economists
199901 Events undermine headlines as three asset transfers are killed off
199812 The world's top fifty paintmakers
199811 Colourful Swiss giant conceived - Ciba to merge with Clariant?
199810 Have pigment, paint & ink prices kept pace with inflation?
199809 Healthy economic growth in Germany fosters upsurge in pigment imports
199808 Paint journals zoom in on pearlescents & powder coatings
199807 Questions posed at Kuala Lumpur - Will there be enough TiO2 feedstock? Will suppliers be fairly rewarded?
199806 Overview on organics
199805 Taiwanese exporters forced to look beyond Asia/Pacific region
199804 Canadian pigments trade dominated by large Southern neighbour
199803 Australia - Sunny outlook for home market, but export prospects dimmer
199802 Global TiO2 industry dynamo continues to whirr
199801 European paintmakers hostile to price hikes in an era of slow growth & mergers
199712 More paper pigment papers
199711 Frankfurt conference for advancing understanding of pigments' role in papermaking
199710 TiO2 - more dynamic & global than ever
199709 China, India & Japan - major sources of organic pigments
199708 Asia/Pacific about to overtake Europe as the world's largest paint producing region
199707 ICI sells most of Tioxide to DuPont?
199706 Day Two at Vancouver: TiO2 - Quo vadis?
199705 Vancouver Conference on TiO2: An industry poised for change
199704 UK pigment exporters stifle a groan as sterling strengthens
199703 French exports approach $US 1 billion mark
199702 45 billion pesetas per year spent on pigment imports into Spain
199701 Stability promises growth in Italian pigment demand
199612 TiO2 pigment manufacturers wish themselves a happier New Year
199611 SCM's winning formula for TiO2 demand forecasting: D(t) = 0.56G(t) - 0.28G(t-1) - 1421
199610 Chicago hosts first ever conference on paper minerals, pigments & chemicals
199609 Towards a new consensus on TiO2 prices?
199608 Red-57/1, Yellow-12 and Blue-15/3 (beta) stay on top in US organic pigments league
199607 Precipitated calcium carbonate - Fastest growing pigment in the world
199606 TiO2 feedstocks & paper pigments on the agenda in Chicago
199605 Talc - Volume softens, but prospects are good in high-value niche markets
199604 Taiwan carries on buying pigments like there's no tomorrow
199603 Carbon black & snow in Nice
199602 Chinese iron oxide pigment suppliers: If you can't beat 'em, join 'em
199601 Innovative TiO2 pigments, but will there be enough to go round?
199512 Carbon black: Less of a commodity filler, more of a speciality chemical
199511 TiO2 pigment suppliers agree: Prices must go on rising!
199510 Fresh air of confidence wafts across Czech pigments conference
199509 US organic pigment output races ahead
199508 TiO2 pigment manufacture: Sulfate process green after all?
199507 Chinese pigment trade - Tonnages increasing, but how realistic are the officially reported prices?
199506 Disaggregation called for to brighten Russia's paint industry prospects
199505 Intertech's fourth TiO2 conference: Diesmal in meine europaeische Heimat
199504 No blots on the landscape for Western Europe's printing inks industry
199503 US TiO2 pigment exporters pump up the volume beyond 350,000 tonnes/year
199502 Upbeat forecasts for South American paints & pigments demand
199501 Europe's paintmakers in a wintry scene from Brueghel the Elder
199412 Berlin Conference features functional fillers
199411 Allaying fears of a TiO2 shortage or preserving the overcapacity?
199410 India's ultramarine exporters looking for new markets
199409 Zircon's true worth - more than just a TiO2 by-product
199408 Legislation on colour pigments debated at Washington Conference
199407 Wollastonite, talc, kaolin, CaCO3, mica, zircon & titania on stage in Berlin
199406 China - world leader in lithopone & net exporter of most other pigments
199405 Japan - renewed economic growth will revive pigment trade prospects
199404 South Korean pigment imports - the boom continues
199403 RSC Conference highlights environmental issues affecting inorganic pigments
199402 Laws on VOC emissions should boost pigment demand from paintmakers
199401 DuPont, SCM & Tioxide share their thoughts on TiO2 past, present & future
199312 France - export surpluses in TiO2, chrome pigments, lead pigments & talc
199311 United States - now a big exporter of kaolin & TiO2, but not much else
199310 Pigments help reduce UK's balance-of-payments deficit
199309 TiO2 suppliers strive to tighten up by cancelling & postponing projects
199308 Pigment prices forced up to finance safety & environmental investment
199307 Disappointing profits provoke departures & joint ventures
199304 Catering for a world market of more than 60 million tonnes
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